I am Rares Cristian (Chris) Chirita Filip. I am a 2014 promotion Computer Games Design student at University Campus Suffolk and this is my 3rd year dissertation project blog. I will be analyzing crowd-sourced games and gamified applications, specifically for use in OpenStreetMap data gathering.

Over the summer of 2013, I have interned at ITO World. They are the ones that have introduced properly to the concept of crowd-sourcing and open-source through OpenStreetMap.

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is an open, free, editable map. It has been compared with Linux in that it is free for everyone and anyone can use it in any number of ways.

ITO World is a company that provides consulting and analysis for the transport industry, and use OSM data commercially. The best part of OpenStreetMap is also one of its caveats, and that is that the data is user-editable. That means that if nobody added a certain place or some details to parts of the map, they don’t exist. ITO wants the data to be there, and to be as correct as possible, in order to be able to use that data in their services, and make a profit.

This is where the concept of gamification comes into play, and where I want to step in. I would like to have a look into how we could use high gamification in order to get more active users into OSM and to help them add more, better information. There are already a few games that I have found out that help in that, but while they work in some cases, they still need better game design applied to them. The ones that I have found (using OSM Wiki and talking to people) are Kort, MapRoullette and AddressHunter. I will have a look at each of them in the coming weeks, starting with MapRoullette since it’s the only browser-based one. ITO themselves have started applying some gamification elements to their tools, and I like to think that I have helped in polishing them.

This blog will reflect my opinion and my research, not ITO’s. I am a game designer.

Chris F.