by Chris F

I thought it would be nice to share some numbers with you, now at the end, about this project.

51 blog posts, with the first one posted on the 3rd of October 2013.
36 weeks since I started blogging, leading up to an average of 1.41 blog posts per week.
599 unique visitors on this blog since October, averaging to almost 3 per day.
30 comments in total on the blog
289 views from the UK
87 views from Romania
78 views from the US
16 views from Russia
1 view from Sri Lanka
Search queries that people have used to get to this blog:
“dave pimm games blizzard”
“examples of macroeconomics crowding in”
“crowding out effect examples fo 2013”
“what to see around ipswich area map”

38 different maps/boards saved on my machine, with 9 major versions found on this blog
17 comma-separated value (CSV) files with the data used to create the cards
99 amenities in total on the map from 233 total amenities exported, as follows:
9 banks
7 fast food amenities
23 places of worship
18 post boxes
23 pubs
19 bicycle parking amenities
753 commas used in the CSV that I used to create the cards

Chris F.