Minigame inspiration

by Chris F

I started with three challenges suggested by Rob, then I added 4 more, took one of Rob’s out and in the end added another one. Where did all these minigame ideas come from?

Here are the 7 challenges (minigames) that are currently available in the game:

HID: Hide a token/die in one of your hands behind your back. Show your fists (with the token/die in one of them) to a player of your choice. If they don’t guess which fist the token/die is in, you unlock the tag.

ROL: Roll a die. If the result is an even number, you unlock the tag.

NUM: All players think of a number between 1 and the number of players (for 2 players see WOR in Variations). They each take an amount of tokens equal to the number of players in their right hand and without the other players seeing you, move tokens to the left hand until you have the number you thought of in your right hand. All players place the right hand, formed in a fist, over the table. At a signal, all players turn their hands palm-up and open their fists to reveal the tokens. If your number of tokens is the highest unique number (nobody had the same number in their hand), you unlock the tag.

CAT: Catapult a die or token on the game board. You do this by putting the die/token (whichever you prefer) in the palm of your hand, then you bang your hand on the underside of the table, so that the momentum will catapult the die/token. If it lands on the board, you unlock the tag.

THR:  All the players throw a token on the board at the same time. If your token is the closest to the amenity that you’re trying to scout at the time, you unlock the tag.

RPS: Play rock-paper-scissors against another player. If you win, you unlock the tag.

WOR – Word chain. In this challenge, the player needs to choose a word and say it. Then they choose another player to play with. That player needs to continue the word chain by saying a word that starts with the last two letters of the first word (for example, education would be a valid reply to the word red). If 11 words are chained together or the scouting player manages to „lock out” the other player, then the tag is unlocked. A player is „locked out” when they can’t come up with a reply to a word (for example, „blue” is a word that locks the other player out – there are no English words that start with „ue”). Generally, proper nouns such as person names are not accepted as valid reply.

Well, Rob suggested three challenges that he thought would be really fast to play and would show a result really fast: throwing a die, flipping a coin, playing Rock Paper Scissors. Other than Rock Paper Scissors, the rest are games of luck with a ratio of winning of 1 out of 2. Really fast, really nice. But playing just the three of them for about 45-60 minutes isn’t too fun, so I looked for other minigames. That’s when the guys at Creative Board Gaming came to help.

First, I’ve been told about the NUM and CAT challenges from a game called COPA, a really awesome game with 18 cups and 80 beans (yes, REAL beans).


The NUM and CAT challenges are derived from two of the four challenges of COPA.

Then, the THR challenge is inspired by a very old betting game that I used to play with my classmates in primary school, where you needed to flick a coin at the wall, and the person who got closest to the wall would get all the coins. I’ve adapted that and included it in the game.

The fourth challenge, HID, is a simple game that we used a long time ago when deciding who would go first at picking a team when we played football in the schoolyard.

Finally, the WOR challenge came to be by discussing the possibility of having verbal components in the minigames and deciding it would be really nice to have a verbal challenge. Since Fazan (the Romanian for Chain of Words game) is a very popular game and it’s easy to play, I decided to go for that. Also, it’s 11 words (6 words and 5 replies) because it can sometimes go very far and I decided that each challenge should take under a minute to decide if you won or not.

I’ve been asked to add even more challenges, but I think for the time being, these 7 (took out flipping a coin due to it being redundant) challenges will do nicely.

Chris F.