Playtesting iteration five

by Chris F

I playtested the fifth iteration today with three players, and everything went smoothly. Letțs discuss what went well and what I saw that still needed work on.

Playtesting iteration five

First, it needs to be said that this iteration has been played with three players: Alexandra, whom I mentioned before. She’s an artist and an employee at the shop where we played. Silviu, the kid you can see in the picture and who likes all sorts of games, and Vali, who knows A LOT of games (can’t imagine what would happen if he were to meet Rob and talk about boardgames).

The playtest lasted for about 45 minutes, and we played 15 rounds. I decided on the spot that would have been better than waiting for all 106 amenities on the new map to be claimed, especially since there was a kid involved, and they’re not known for their patience.

The playtest went well, with players laughing and having fun, as well as asking questions about what each tag on the cards meant as they went along, and also asked questions about Ipswich and OpenStreetMap, which is totally what I wanted them to do other than playing.

The 7 minigames that I mentioned in earlier posts worked beautifully, all of them being very popular with the players, and having a lot of “awww”‘s, “yaaaay”‘s and “dammit”‘s shouted in the store (luckily, being a weekend, the store wasn’t that full so other people weren’t distracted from playing Jenga and the Game of Thrones TCG) while playing.

At the end of the playtest, everybody said they had a lot of fun and would like to play the game again. I’m really glad they enjoyed it and that means that I’m very close to getting it right, especially with the time frame that I have left for getting this into a finished state.

I have one final playtest scheduled for tomorrow, and a few minor tweaks that I’ll post shortly into what will become iteration six, then I will spend the rest of tonight and tomorrow making everything pretty and printable.

Chris F.