Iteration six

by Chris F

Nothing too major in this iteration since I feel that the game is working quite well, there are just a few minor tweaks I’d like to address:

  • Players can move up to three hexes instead of six as previously mentioned.
  • The game ends after 15 turns. The player with the most points at the end of the 15 turns wins.
  • Once a player claims a PoI, they put one of their tokens on top of it. This is to keep confused players from thinking a PoI hasn’t been claimed and also helps find out who had the most PoIs in each region at the end of the game.

It’s also been suggested that while the minigames are really awesome, a small problem is that you always get them in an exact order no matter what PoI you’re on. In order to address this, I decided to have each of the PoIs have one minigame that you always start with, and then two random ones.

With the previous iteration and additions, I had 7 minigames in total, but I realized that tossing the coin and rolling the die have the exact same result, a 1 in 2 chance that you are going to get it right, so I took out the coin toss. With 6 minigames remaining, here is how I assigned them to each PoI:

  • Bank: Hide a coin/die in one of your hands behind your back. Show your fists (with the coin/die in one of them) to a player of your choice. If they don’t guess which fist the coin/die is in, you unlock the tag.
  • Fast food: Roll a die. If the result is an even number, you unlock the tag.
  • Place of worship: All players think of a number between 1 and the number of players. They each take an amount equal to the number of players of tokens in your hand and without the other players seeing you, move as many tokens as you want from a hand to the other, keeping at least one in the first hand. If your number of tokens is the highest unique number (nobody had the same number in their hand), you unlock the tag.
  • Pub: Catapult a due or coin on the game board. You do this by putting the die/coin (whichever you prefer) in the palm of your hand, then you bang your hand on the underside of the table, so that the momentum will catapult the die/coin. If it lands on the board, you unlock the tag.
  • Post box:  All the players throw a token on the board. If you are the closest to the Key area of the amenity that you’re trying to scout at the moment (bank if you’re scouting a bank when doing this), you unlock the tag.
  • Bicycle parking: Play rock-paper-scissors against another player. If you win, you unlock the tag.

The other two types of minigames for the amenity that you’re currently scouting are drawn from a pot. If the PoI has more than three tags that need unlocked, then just cycle through the minigames in the order they were initially played.

I also changed the board a bit, changing the colour of the pubs since it slightly too similar to the colour of the parks. The pubs are now cyan.


Board v3.6 cyan

I’ve also had a look at the scoring system and decided that, for extra intrigue and dynamic forming between players, to have a player only get points for a PoI if they claim it. By doing this, I encourage player interaction in the form of players coming to steal other player’s PoIs. The only time when you get points for non-claimed but scouted PoIs is at the end of the game. At the end of the game, you get a point for each tag you scouted on the cards you’re currently the last person who scouted them (when you scout a card you take it either from the pack of PoI cards or from in front of a player and put in front of you. That way you just need to count what’s in front of you at the end).

That’s it for iteration six.

Chris F.