Iteration five

by Chris F

A slightly modified board, a new rule and more minigames. This is iterations five.

Board v3.6

I’ve been told the area that the map covered was slightly too big, so I decided to zoom in one more level and see how it would look like afterwards. It looks good. I also got a new hexagon pattern and redrew the hex grid, mostly because the one I was using earlier was pixellated, but also because the hex grid was still too small for my 16mm tokens, which meant that in order to make the hexes bigger I would’ve had to make the pixellated hexes even more pixellated. Now the 16mm tokens should fit ok, I’ll see a bit later when I print the board and playtest this iteration.

I’ve also added a new rule based on the dynamic that I noticed in the playtest for iteration four, that the players always stood in one place wanting to finish each PoI as they got to it. That made for not too much interaction between players. With this iteration, the players must move each turn, and they cannot “scout” the same type of amenity two consecutive turns. So you can’t go from a pub to another pub the next turn, you’d have to go to another type of amenity, like a place of worship and start scouting that one.

Lastly, since the players liked the minigames so much, I decided to add a few more, which are a combination of luck, twitch and skill. Here they are, in order:

  • Catapult a due or coin on the game board. You do this by putting the die/coin (whichever you prefer) in the palm of your hand, then you bang your hand on the underside of the table, so that the momentum will catapult the die/coin. If it lands on the board, you unlock the tag.
  • All the players throw a coin on the board. If you are the closest to the Key area of the amenity that you’re trying to scout at the moment (bank if you’re scouting a bank when doing this), you unlock the tag.
  • Think of a number between 1 and 5 (for 3+ players) and write it down. If your number is the highest unique number (nobody wrote the same number down as well), you unlock the tag.
  • Hide a coin/die in one of your hands behind your back. Show your fists (with the coin/die in one of them) to a player of your choice. If they don’t guess which fist the coin/die is in, you unlock the tag.

What I’ll do for the moment till I produce the cards with these minigames randomized on them, is put each of these on a token or a piece of paper and have the players draw 3 each time they start scouting a PoI, then put them in sequence on the PoI card. Then the minigames will need to be solved in order for that PoI card.

Playtesting today then I’m coming back with feedback.

Chris F.