Feedback on iteration four

by Chris F

I playtested my game today at an awesome place in Bucharest that’s not on OpenStreetMap but should totally be, called Creative BoardGaming (CBG), with a friend of mine, Alexandra (Alex), who also helped me finalize the board by doing the very meticulous task of writing the individual amenity numbers on the board.


These are a few shots of sorting and writing everything for the playtest:





I should mention that I’ve added the QR codes because I wanted to see if it were possible, they aren’t part of the gameplay experience.The playtesting came and went, with some really good feedback in the end. I’ve been told the game is “fun” and “has very interesting mechanics”, as well as “an awesome concept, of exploring your town”.

In terms of what I could improve on the game, I was told that the map feels a bit too big, especially as we were playing the game with two players in mind. It’s been suggested I make it smaller. Another idea that sprang to mind when I was told that was to only allow a certain number of regions based on the number of players. Thinking more about that, it’s possible that that would conflict the missions, so it’s unlikely that I will restrict the playable regions just because of the number of the players.

I had tremendously positive feedback on the minigame mechanic, with the only comment there being that there weren’t enough minigames. I will think about some more and see what to do with them. It’s also been suggested that instead of keeping the circular structure of the minigames, each amenity card should randomly have a sequence of minigames ON it, so that the players will find it easier to remember. This suggestion was inspired by the Activity board game.

I’ve also been told that it might be an interesting idea to have the game be played in cooperative mode, thus increasing the number of players to 8 or even 12. Interesting and I will think about it, although not too likely, given the time I have left to finish this project.

I think the most interesting dynamic I have discovered today is that the players did not feel motivated to move off of an amenity hex once they landed on it, and they wanted to complete it all while they were there. Quite an interesting dynamic, and definitely one that I will investigate further. Fifth iteration will be up soon.

Chris F.