Idea dump

by Chris F

I did my best to organize the notes and thoughts that I had during the meeting with Rob over the past two blog posts, but there are still some things that remain on my notebook but not on here, that I believe are important. I will write them down in this post.

Bunch of notes

Most of those notes are covered in the previous posts, however there are a few clarifications that need to be done:

First, I made a note saying that players should get points on quantity or points on quality. This is very important when you are part of or host a mapping party, as you need both quantity and quality in order to add new good things to the OpenStreetMap information. As such, the system where players get points both for having the most PoIs collected and having the most complete PoIs. As Rob put it, there is a difference between having breadth and depth as two concepts in the game.

I also took note that a way in which I could divide Ipswich up could be based on the United Kingdom Ward administrative area. I haven’t put the wards yet on the map, but that’s something that I will definitely try and see how it turns out. Here’s a general image of the wards in Ipswich:

Another note which stands out is the QR code note that I took when Rob mentioned that in the second iteration, in order to see ALL the tags of a PoI, not just the three that I took for the game, you had to go to a computer, open OSM, search for the specific feature you were looking for and then see the tags. I thought that it might be a good idea to include a QR code that points to the OSM way or node link on the PoI card. (a link would look like this: This was before agreeing to put all the tags on a card but I still think it’s an idea worth considering.

Something that I thought about as I was talking to Rob was this: If I were to still keep the Information card system (deprecated now but talking about it for the sake of historical recording), then players could literally play information at each other. If player A were to pick up a PoI that player B had a correct tag for, player B could attach their Information card to player A’s PoI and reduce their point total, or leech the points for their own benefit. As ar as I remember there’s a similar system in the Tile Rummy that I used to play at home as a kid, where a player can attach a useless tile of theirs to an opponent’s suite in order to get the points for that.

And again, Rob’s quote which got me thinking a lot “I need to paint a post box red for it to be recognized as a post box”.

That’s about it in terms of notes, I will meet with Rob again tomorrow to discuss my current iteration, and then I’ll be back with more notes on that as well.

Chris F.