Feedback on the second iteration

by Chris F

I met with Rob last week and showed him the state that the game was in. We played a bit and then discussed the purpose of the game and how it should be tailored more towards reaching that goal. This opportunity gave me a lot of new ideas and I believe I am now much closer to a complete game than I was at the beginning of last week. Let’s dig into this:

While playing the game, Rob observed that the game in its current iteration seems to be quite random and does not have enough competition. He suggested I add a territorial aquisition mechanic in the game, dividing the map into different parts that the players could vie for during the playing.

Another point that Rob made was that there was a lot of randomness coming from the fact that I had taken the PoI hexes from the map. At the moment, paraphrasing his words, he was walking blindly from one Information card hex to another, without knowing what he’d get next or having a strategy in min. He suggested I keep the PoIs on the map as hexes or something similar, in order to let the players get to them and learn more about the area that they are playing in.

Something that stuck with me from the conversation I had with Rob was this: after playing, Rob helped me make a list with the things I wanted from my game in regards to the players. I want the players to explore, I want them to understand more about OSM and to want to contribute to OSM with their explorations. As Rob put it, it will get to a point where the player will need to understand that they need to paint a post box red in order to fit to be recognized as a post box.

The next iteration that Rob suggested is an interesting one and I think it will create some major changes in the game itself. What he suggested was, as I mentioned earlier, divide the board into territories, take out the Information hexes and re-add the PoI hexes. Also, it would be interesting to give players missions at the beginning on the game, so that they have a goal and should be able to formulate a strategy. The goals that they could receive would be something along the lines of finding a post box, getting all the PoIs in a territory and things similar to these.

In terms of scoring, you would be able to give players points based on the territories conquered, sets completed (all post boxes, all pubs etc), on the number of PoIs found and on the number of PoIs completed. When it comes to complete a PoI, Rob suggested that all PoIs have all the tag information on them, but then the player would need to complete small challenges in order to unlock them as found, such as rolling a die for a yes/no tag.

I believe that this talk was very lucrative. I understand more about my game and goals now and can’t wait to see how the next iteration will look like. I’ll post more about it tomorrow.

Chris F.