Board considerations

by Chris F

Throughout my last few posts, I updated the design of my board with imagery rendered using ITO Map. When you looked at that map, you probably saw the problems that I am going to discuss in this blog post:

Map/Board in question

Map/Board in question

First, there’s the large number of amenities that are stacked closely together. This is normal for real life, considering high street shops and shopping centers. The problem that I might have with this is that when tiling the board from the map, I will have more than one amenity, indeed, even 3 or 4 on the same square.

Example gridding

Example gridding

As you can see from the example gridding, there are quite a few hexes which have more than one named amenity in them.

The solution

I thought this might come in handy but did not think it would be so soon. In my second iteration post I mentioned that I removed the PoI squares for that iteration, choosing to focus on exploring through finding Information cards.

Secondly, I need to decide where to add the Information hexes. I have given this some through and although in the final board design there probably won’t be Information Hexes as much as removable items on the board, at the moment I need to see how to deal with the hexes in order to give the players enough diversity if people want to build their own maps. First, I need to make sure there won’t be any Information cards in non-accessible places. Considering both how diverse the world’s geography is and the number of uninhabited areas, that might be a problem, but I can do my best to avoid it. This is the overlay I am currently using. I will design at least a couple more in the coming days and I think that this number of overlays should be enough for now, and I will take it from here if things turn out different, depending on player feedback.


Chris F.