Second iteration

by Chris F

One of the things that I have mentioned in my previous post is the minimized importance of the PoI hexes on my game board, because people had to do a run of the board in order to collect the Information cards, and then another run at the end to put those cards on the PoIs. While the Information cards serve the purpose of exploration, the PoI cards made it a bit of a race to the finish which I definitely didn’t want as part of my game. So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I want to take the PoI hexes out and just keep the cards as targets for the players.

That’s my second iteration: I kept the board and everything else the same as it was before, I only took the red hexes out, instead keeping all the PoI cards on the table from the beginning. The players can assign an Information card to a PoI card as soon as they pick one up, and you can’t assign two of the same Information card to the same PoI card.

At the end of the game, the PoI cards with all the tags are revealed, and the scores are tallied based on the score base of each Information card that matched and the winner is chosen.

I will playtest this iteration and come back with the feedback from my players.

Chris F.