Feedback on first iteration

by Chris F

I’ve recently managed to get enough time to sit down and sift through the notes I have of people who played the first iteration of my game, and summarize them for you. Here they are:

Regarding my last post in which I was talking about the iteration, I have decided to have the game finish after all the Information cards have been drawn instead of a fixed number of turns. I’ve tried both and this seemed like the better decision since it allows players to explore the board better, something that they should definitely do if we were in the real life doing a mapping party.

I have not timed how long it takes to play a game from start to finish, but in 2 people it took 36 turns till the last Information card was drawn, a then 4 more till both players assigned their cards to their chosen PoIs.

The point system worked well, I definitely feel that that was a good decision. I split the cards into 1, 2 and 3 points, based on how vague the information is rather than the number of tags there are in the OSM database. Here’s the cards in each of them:

1 point:

  • bridge=yes
  • building=yes

2 points:

  • amenity=town_hall
  • amenity=cinema
  • name=*
  • building=train_station
  • amenity=pub
  • tourism=museum
  • amenity=fast_food
  • amenity=swimming_pool
  • cuisine=fish&chips
  • operator=Royal Mail
  • amenity=post_box

3 points:

  • highway=trunk
  • wheelchair=yes
  • royal_cypher=EIIR
  • bicycle=yes
  • lit=*
  • highway=pedestrian

Where I added the =* I meant all values of that tag. I found that different values of highway get people generally quite confused. Likewise, adding the wheelchair and bicycle tags in the mix got people scratching their heads, trying to remember which buildings they visited have disabled person facilities.

I’ve received positive feedback on this iteration, with people saying that they had fun playing the game, although some negative points were evident while I was watching people play. It’s good to see people actually want to explore the map and exploring it, a lot of times talking about how they didn’t know a place was there or not, or learning things about highways and generally rights of way that they didn’t know about.

I think the biggest flow error at the moment is the fact that people still need to go to each PoI in order to place their card on it. I might remove that in the next iteration and just keep the PoIs in a separate stack. Then, the 1 point cards are extremely small in count. While I think that there should be more 2 point cards than 1 point cards, having just 3 1 point cards strikes me as something that’s not right. I might have to choose more tags.

Lastly, it strikes me that I should consider looking into more PoIs. For example, at the moment I don’t have anything from education or healthcare and I really think I should add more roads, since they get people so tricked by how they are tagged. I’ll post more about this in the next blog post with the next iteration, which should come along in the next few days. I’ll also try getting a better, less cluttered map up.

Chris F.