First iteration

by Chris F

Taking into account the feedback that I had received, I decided to create the first iteration of my game, based on the following observation: there are some very obvious answers, and some which are a lot more challenging.

In order to tackle this, I decided to make two changes: first, I would assign a “point” value to each of the key/value cards, based on their “rarity”. For example, “name=*” has around 40 million entries, while “wheelchair=*” has just around 600 000. Of course, both of them are widely used, but wheelchair would get more points than name.

Second, in order to resolve the problem of players having cards that they were never going to use, I decided to take out the pick-up-able PoI cards and just keep them on the map. Each player can now add an Information card to each PoI on the map by going next to it and adding that card to it. There is no limit to the number of Information cards, although only correct ones will bring the player their points at the end of the game.

I’m still torn between “the game ends when all the Information cards have been used” and “the game ends after a certain number of turns” in order to end the game. I will playtest both and see how each fares.

Chris F.