First batch of feedback

by Chris F

After a playtesting the game a few times, I am now pleased to come back with the first batch of feedback from my players:

  • First, the board itself looks a bit too crowded. It might be good if I’ only show the roads and the Points of Interest, instead of EVERYTHING that’s being rendered by the mapnik engine of OpenStreetMap.
  • The players appreciated that movement could be performed only on streets, but thought that the hexagons over areas that can’t be moved on are a bit useless and distracting. It was suggested that I just divide the streets into walkable fragments to avoid that.
  • The players were excited about learning the different keys and values, but it seemed that some of them were less challenging than the other, for example wheelchair = yes was an actual challenge for the players, while name=Ipswich Rail Station was less so. I’ve been encouraged to take out the obvious tags for the more challenging ones.
  • There was little to no player interaction, especially in the beginning of the game. While the players can trade, they will never trade something that they know that their opponent needs.

I’m still undecided about the first iteration of the game, but I think that I’ll work towards implementing a more challenging tag system, maybe even print some template pages describing the keys from OSM. For example, not everyone knows what an amenity is or what it does.

Chris F.