by Chris F

Motivation is a subject that’s very important when you’re working on your dissertation. You need it to move forward. I wanted to share something else with you while working on iterating my game.


Thursday I met someone at work from the OSM community with whom I’ve had a chat about my dissertation. I’ve explained to him why I’m doing the dissertation the way I want to do it and how I plan to get there. I told him about how I want to make OSM seem interesting to everyone, from the stay-at-home mothers to the clubbing teenagers, and that we’ll have a huge victory when we won’t need to explain why OSM is different from Google Maps every time we talk about OSM with someone new.

He told me a very moving story that really impressed and motivated me to do more work. He told me about how his mother helped improve OpenStreetMap. She likes walking a lot and helped him map a viaduct close to the place where she lives, just by talking to him about it. One day, however, they had to install some new piping for a new system, so they had to move the viaduct. What she did was that she started altering her walking routes towards the construction site and she gave him daily updates on how to alter the route in OSM based on how the construction was working at the time. .

This simple interaction helped map part of the world, and it’s something that I found very inspiring. It would be nice if all the people who walk for pleasure would map the places they walk around…

Chris F.