The road so far

by Chris F

My dissertation proposal was accepted. Time to move forward and actually start making something for it. This is a post where I will summarize my findings so far, talk about what I have learned from them, and where I need to go next.

The road so far

The road so far

I’ve had 2 revelations in these 2 months of study and research into gamification, crowd-sourcing and playtesting.

The first one is one that I’ve published on Twitter as well at the time of the revelation, and that is that Kort is a quiz game. Same goes for MapRoulette and AddressHunter. Do you know this church’s religion? Then add it. Where is this address located? Take a picture of it. Is this road connected to the other one (our software says it’s not). Can you correct it please? All these gamified efforts you questions and then tell you to do something. At the same time, as I mentioned in my Ingress post, Ingress is a territorial acquisition game. It works because it draws off people’s competitive nature and their feeling that their surroundings belong to them and no one else. So, I’ve found 2 types of game types for gamified GIS applications:

  • Quizes
  • Territorial acquisition

The second revelation is one that I’ve had when I was talking about the Russian and French gamification examples, and that is that when I will design my gamified system, I need to take into account what type of experience it will be. Will it be single player like the Russian squats game, multiplayer competitive with elements like leaderboards or multiplayer cooperative like the French gamified advert?

Considering these two findings, I need to think what the next logical move is. I need to find the opportunities to be able to test the game that I will be making with different target audiences and discover the best way to take feedback from my users.

Here are the next events that I’m cnsidering demoing my game at, if possible:

  • Gaming Society, every Wednesday at uni.
    The audience is mixed, but most of the people who come there like board games and games in general. This will help me in getting feedback from a community that likes games, but don’t necessarily have anything to do with OSM or GIS
  • Curiosity Collective meetup, 3rd of December
    The audience is made up of geeky and hacky peole, who meet to talk about geeky and hacky things. They will be more inclined to come up with creative solutions to the different mechanics that I’ll put in front of them.
  • GameCityNights, 6th of December
    This is a  meetup with various game designers and other people interested in talking games. I would use this meeting to (hopefully) get feedback on my game from Iain Simons and/or James Newman, two influencial game theorists.

That’s about all I have in mind for the moment. I hope to be able to get a good mix of casual players, people who like the idea behind the data-collecting of this game and game designers in order to test the game.

With all these carefully planned, there only seems to be one thing missing: the actual game. That’s what I’ll be covering in the next post, my plans about the game itself.

Chris F.