Gamification example: Pong crosswalk in Germany

by Chris F

When you say gamification, people usually think badges and levels and points. I’ve recently came across an example that marketed itself as a stop sign in Germany that allowed players to play Pong while they were waiting for the red light to change.

This is an example of gamification because it takes the task (chore) of waiting at the stop a pleasurable activity. It gives you a small game to play with someone on the opposite side of the street. This way, it both raises the interactivity and fun of waiting at a stop light, and it also encourages social interaction between people on opposite sides of the street. You can see it in action in this video:

Although this has been uncovered to be a video made by art students, but it shows a real-life application that would hopefully help solve some of the jay-walking problems in different countries around the world.

This stands to show how gamification could be applied to help transport or public safety problems.

To be fair, this could suffer from some problems like defacing with graffiti or someone who was angry punching the LCD screen, but I believe it could be a really nice initiative.

Chris F.

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